Halloween Delights 2022

By NGUYEN, Tuong Vy [CLE]

The Centre for Language in Education (CLE) organized the Halloween events of this year on 28th and 31st October 2022 on Zoom and at the Arthur Samy Language Learning Centre (ASLLC). Students from different specialisms shared their excitement and joy when celebrating the festival with ghostly games and spine-chillingly good times.

Due to the pandemic, an online Game Show about famous haunted places was held on 28th October. A variety of activities were on offer including the first round (trivia questions about haunted cities) and the second round (virtual map-based escape challenge). The participants commented that the activities were interesting and fulfilled their sense of overcoming challenges and the winners of the event received prizes.

The onsite Game Fair was held on 31st October with different activities ranging from active games, cosplay games, to trivia.  The event attracted more than 80 students. Many participants expressed that the activities were entertaining, especially the Mummy Shooting Game and the activities such as Trivia or Movies Challenge helped widen their cultural knowledge about the Halloween Festival. After three years of no major onsite events, everyone was really looking forward to this onsite Halloween celebration and the feedback we have received from participants suggests they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

We would like to thank all the participants for their support and co-operation. Our special thanks also go to all team members, administrative staff and student helpers for their superb dedication and good work.










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