English Speaking Contest 2021

English Speaking Contest 2021

On March 3, 2021, 11 students from various programmes joined the English Speaking Contest 2021, which was a language activity organised by the International Tutors Team of the Centre for Language in Education (CLE). The contest was open to all full-time students and it aimed at bringing out students’ creativity and improving their public speaking skills and English proficiency.

In order to also encourage self-reflection and expression of one’s earnest emotions, participants of the contest were asked to write a love letter to themselves. After writing their letters to self, students had to deliver their speeches in front of the judging panel. This was an opportunity to share their truths and speak from their hearts.

On the contest day, the contestants met the jury board on ZOOM to recite their letters. The judging panel was composed of Ms. Araceli Mesegué Molina, Mr. Nathan Lam Nguyen and Ms. Nourhene Zarrouk.

The jury assessed the contestants’ speeches content while listening for their pronunciation and paying attention to their poise and body language. Three winners were selected at the end of the contest:

  Champion: Liu, Fangming Millie 

  1st runner up: Ho, Ka Lok Sean 

  2nd runner up: Wan, Sik Yu Aquarius

The winners’ speeches will be published in the March issue of the IT Magazine. We express our sincere gratitude to Ms. Diariata Daya Ba who led the International Tutors Team in the organization and the selection process. We would also like to warmly thank all the contestants for participating and sharing their self-love letters, thus making this event a big success.

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