Advanced Academic Preparation

1. Synopsis


This course helps final-year students improve their written English for the completion of their Honours Project. Students will learn specialized language functions (e.g. comparing, contrasting, defining, describing processes and procedures, discussing results and significance, etc.) in order to write different sections of a research text effectively. In addition, students will analyze academic texts related to their disciplines to learn how professional writers integrate sources to support their claims. Students will also learn to master the tone and register of advanced academic English by not only writing to “argue”, but also writing to “discuss” others’ viewpoints in an objective way. What constitutes plagiarism will be addressed to highlight the importance of academic integrity. The course prepares novice writers to write academic texts that are more complex (in terms of content and language) than regular written assignments at the undergraduate level.



2. Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs)


Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:



Demonstrate the ability to decode authors’ stances to present a balanced view.



Apply English language functions characteristic of the academic genres studied after analyzing research texts.



Act independently to evaluate their own language output after analyzing research texts.



Make sound ethical judgments related to authorship by observing standards of academic integrity.







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