University English II

  1. Course Synopsis 

This course aims to help students develop discipline-related academic research report writing skills and group discussion skills. By conducting a small-scale research project, students will learn to identify and refine a research topic related to their disciplinary fields, review literature, collect and analyze quantitative data, and present their findings in formal report writing. Additionally, students will learn language and etiquette of academic group discussions through flipped classroom approach. Engaged in collaborative learning, they will develop communication skills of active listening, ideas sharing, turn-taking, and responding to other’s views on discipline-related topics, and thus increase confidence in participating in small group discussions which are common in university seminars and tutorials.      



  1. Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs) 

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 



design and conduct a small-scale research project on a discipline-related topic.



demonstrate the ability to analyse, interpret and present the collected research data.



apply knowledge of academic register and style to write discipline-related research reports.  



demonstrate communicative competence in discussing academic issues and giving spontaneous responses in discipline-related group discussions.


apply knowledge of language functions and etiquette in discipline-related group discussions.









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