University English I

  1. Course Synopsis 

This course aims to help first-year students acquire academic English skills they need to succeed in their discipline studies. Through critical reading of academic texts and contextualized discussion on selected academic topics across disciplines such as Education, Arts, Culture, Social Sciences and Information and Communication Technology, students will learn to better communicate and discuss topics related to their areas of study with academic audiences. This course will be divided into two parts: academic writing skills and oral presentation skills for disciplinary studies and academic purposes. Through the process of producing an academic essay and delivering an academic presentation, students will acquire the skills of expressing and presenting academic ideas in a clear, coherent, and well-structured manner, selecting, evaluating and synthesizing appropriate academic sources, and applying technical conventions in academic writing and speaking.        



  1. Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs) 

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 



identify, evaluate, and synthesize appropriate academic sources in academic writing. 




use a range of organisational and rhetorical skills to build written and spoken academic arguments which draw from appropriate disciplinary literature. 



express a balanced view on issues/topics in academic writing and speaking. 



organise and articulate coherent ideas with appropriate linguistic devices in an academic oral setting.








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