全民造SING /EdUHK Legend Maker 2022-23

List of winners


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Luke Yan Tung Victoria



Lai Ying


1st Runner-up

Ng Wing Chit


2nd Runner-up

Liao Kexin



Wan Wing Man






  • 欣賞中英文歌詞;

To appreciate original and translated lyrics;

  • 掌握朗讀雙語能力;

To be able to sing and read the two languages;

  • 能把中英翻譯歌詞演繹歌曲原意,使用正確發音,押韻及語調。
    To sing with appropriate pronunciation, rhymes and tones matching the meanings of the original and translated song(s).



  • 參賽者須從歌單揀選一首已翻譯的歌(英語+普通話,或英語+廣東話)

Participants are invited to select one song (English & Mandarin, or English & Cantonese) from the song list

  • 同學可以用伴奏,無伴奏,或自彈自唱方式根據提供的歌詞唱出整首歌曲,或至少中文英文歌詞各一遍

Students are required to sing the whole song, or at least once for both the English and the Chinese lyrics, with the lyrics provided with or without music, or with musical instruments by themselves

  • 參賽作品將以中英文發音 (70%) 及整體表現評分 (30%)

The entry will be judged according to the pronunciation + intonation (70%), overall singing performance (30%).          

  • (Optional) 到 2023 年 3 月 31 日,在社交媒體上獲得最多讚的前 3 個視頻將獲得 5 個獎勵積分 (要獲得獎勵積分,學生必須將他們的視頻上傳到他們的 Instagram 並使用標籤“#ASLLC2223”). 請記住將您的 Instagram 帳戶設置為公開,否則無法查看視頻.

(Optional) 5 bonus points will be given to the top 3 videos that get most likes at the by Mar 31 2023 (To obtain bonus points, students have to upload their videos to their Instagram and use the hashtag “#ASLLC2223”。Remember to set your Instagram accounts as public, or else the videos can't be viewed.

  • 獎項設冠、亞、季軍各一,並兩名優異獎

There will be four prizes: the champion, the first runner-up, the second runner-up and two merits.



  • 所有參賽作品只需上載到自己的One Drive, 然後把視頻鏈接分享給asllccontest@eduhk.hk。

All entries have to be uploaded to the participant's own One Drive, and then share the video link to asllccontest@eduhk.hk.

  • 同學需要錄影並請使用MP4檔案格式;

The recordings (voice or video) should be in MP3/MP4 format.

  • 在開始唱歌前,參賽者須用中文(粵/普)及英文簡短介紹自己及揀選歌曲原因

All participants should briefly introduce themselves in both Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin) and English and explain the reasons for selecting the song

  • 同一位參賽者須唱出所揀選的一首歌的中英文版歌詞

The participant singing both the Chinese and English lyrics of the same song should be the same person.

  • 參賽者在分享鏈接時, 需在電郵寫上自己的中英文姓名、學號, 然後把視頻鏈接發送至asllccontest@eduhk.hk,電郵主題需為「全民造SING2022-23」 。

When participants share the link, they need to write their Chinese and English names and student ID in the email, and then send the video link to asllccontest@eduhk.hk, and the email subject should be "EdUHK Legend Maker 2022-23"

After sending the video link, please complete the feedback form

  • 參賽者如未能遵守參賽規則以及符合視頻上傳流程的要求,將會被取消參賽資格。

Contestants who fail to abide by the competition rules and meet the requirements of the video uploading process will be disqualified from the competition.


Song lists


  • 普通話為母語者須從歌單中揀選一首英語+廣東話歌詞的歌曲

Students whose mother tongue is Mandarin must select a song with English and Cantonese lyrics from the song list

  • 廣東話為母語者須從歌單中揀選一首英語+普通話歌詞的歌曲

Students whose mother tongue is Cantonese must select a song with English and Mandarin lyrics from the song list

English & Mandarin 英語+普通話 (共8首選擇)

1. 韋禮安 - 如果可以

2. 田馥甄 - 小幸運

3. 胡夏 - 那些年

4. SHE - 戀人未滿 /  Destiny’s Child - Brown Eyes

5. Celin Dion – My Heart Will Go On / 童麗 - 我心永恆

6. Frozen - Let it go / 魔雪奇緣 - 放開手

7. Aladdin – A Whole New World /阿拉丁 - 新的世界

8. 八三夭 - 想見你想見你想見你

English & Cantonese 英語+廣東話(共8首選擇)

9. 韋禮安 - 如果可以

10. 田馥甄 - 小幸運

11. 胡夏 - 那些年

      12. 張天賦 – 反對無效 / Jay Fung & MC Cheung – How Many Times

      13. Celin Dion – My Heart Will Go On / 葉蒨文 - 繫我心弦

      14. Frozen - Let it go / 冰雪奇緣 - 冰心鎖

      15. Aladdin – A Whole New World /阿拉丁 – 新的世界

      16. 八三夭 -想見你想見你想見你

 Please see the lyrics here: Song List

Activity schedule


  • Deadline of submission                   1st Mar 2023
  • Announcement of results                 21st Apr 2023



  • 一等奬: 800元現金券(1名)
  • Champion: $800 gift coupons (#1)
  • 二等奬: 600元現金券(1名)
  • First runner-up: $600 gift coupons (#1)
  • 三等奬: 400元現金券(1名)
  • Second runner-up: $400 gift coupons (#1)
  • 優異獎: 300元超市現金券(2名)
  • Merit: $200 (#2)

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