CLE Cantonese Buddy Scheme

What is Cantonese Language Buddy Scheme? 

The Scheme aims to promote Cantonese language learning on the campus, enabling non-Cantonese-speaking students to form close bonds with Cantonese-speaking students.  

Through the Scheme, we specifically aim to  

-create a Cantonese language learning environment in which students can learn better Cantonese with the help of a student tutor. It is hoped that students can acquire better communication skills through different learning activities. 

-promote harmony and peer assistance, in which students, notwithstanding their different ethnic backgrounds speaking different languages, can also make improvements through sharing of learning experiences and collaboration in learning. Cantonese-speaking student tutors can acquire a better understanding about the learning needs of their peers 

How does it work? 

CLE will assign a Cantonese-speaking student tutor to each student. The student tutors will provide their student mentees with on-going support in the academic year. Peer collaborative learning sessions can be held on a weekly basis so as to enable student mentees to become more engaged in the pleasurable learning. 

The student tutors will assess their student mentees’ Cantonese ability before designing learning activities for them. Student tutors will then set clear objectives and standards that have to be achieved for their mentees.  

Student tutors will design appropriate activities that can enhance the reading skills of their student mentees.  

Please note: 

CLE will help to match up students. The scheme will kick off in November. By accepting to be a language buddy, students are making a commitment to the other person’s learning experience. An evaluation will be conducted for both student tutors and mentees after the completion of the Scheme.  

How to apply? 

The application of the Cantonese Buddy Scheme for 2023-24 will be closed on October 20, 2023. 

For enrollment, please go to: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd3KvtFldZSoksrUBLPSqBqo3NS6Zz3zVJRfgDDR80QSAPJSQ/viewform.

For enquiry

Please write to wcchoi@eduhk.hk

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