Why not DIY? Bilingual Video Clip-Making Competition 2020-21



This competition has four aims:  (i) to boost students’ bilingual (English and Cantonese/Putonghua) speaking abilities through presenting a list of steps, procedures and descriptions; (ii) to build up students’ confidence in the use of spoken English and Chinese (Cantonese or Putonghua); (iii) to enhance students’ IT skills through a production of short video clips; and (iv) to cultivate students’ interest and creativity in presenting a theme in a multi-media format.


All EdUHK (part-time or full-time) students are welcome to join this competition.


  1. Each participant needs to produce 2 short video clips (MP4 or MOV format), one in English and one in Cantonese or Putonghua, each video should last for 3 – 4 minutes.
  2. The theme is Why not DIY何妨親手做?  The participant should teach the audience to create a craft, decorate or repair a home, or make things for work or study.
  3. The participant should introduce his or her full name, student number and the topic at the beginning of each video.
  4. The two video clips should have the same visual elements.  The visual elements may be pictures, animation, photos, graphs, motion, powerpoint slides, cartoons, etc.
  5. The organisation and pace of the two video clips should be the same.
  6. The two spoken languages should be equivalent to each other.
  7. The content of the videos should be original and be narrated solely by the participant.  Any dishonesty or plagiarism will result in disqualification.

Briefing Session (non-compulsory)

A briefing session was conducted on 27 October 2020 (Tue).  It introduced the regulations of the competition and participants could get more ideas of how to design their video clips.  The powerpoint slides can be downloaded below.


  1. The two video clips should be uploaded to One Drive and shared to Ms. Iris Ho (asllc@eduhk.hk).
  2. Deadline of submission:  7 March 2021 (Sun)
  3. To officially finish the submission, each participant needs to complete an online survey.  Please click here to complete the survey.


All entries will be assessed by a panel of judges.  The judging criteria include the use of the two spoken languages and creativity.  The most popular video will be decided by the highest number of likes given by the viewers who watch the video clips on ASLLC facebook.




$600 coupon and a certificate

The first runner-up 

$400 coupon and a certificate

The second runner-up 

$300 coupon and a certificate

The most creative video 

$300 coupon and a certificate

The most popular video

$300 coupon and a certificate

Three voters of the most popular video will be randomly drawn and each of them will receive $50 coupon.



Briefing session

27 October 2020 (Tue), 2:30-3:30 p.m

Deadline of submission of videos

 7 March 2021 (Sun)

Voting for the most popular video 

 mid-April 2021

Announcement of results

 May 2021

Presentation of prizes

 May 2021



Ms. Iris Ho

Email: asllc@eduhk.hk

Tel: 2948 7402


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