CCTV System Guidelines of CLE


  1. The Centre for Language in Education (CLE) observes the University’s Policy & Guidelines for CCTV Surveillance. The CCTV system if any in the facilities in the custody of CLE[1] is used for the following purposes:
    1. To assist in prevention and/or detection of crime or unlawful activities;
    2. To promote public safety;
    3. To facilitate security control and operation; and
    4. To assist in investigations of disputes or any matters arising from alleged misconduct in enforcing the University regulations.


  1. Since CCTV system captures extensive images of individuals (“data subjects”), its use, including its installation and relevant data capture, storage, handling and transfer must comply with the Six Data Protection Principles as stipulated in Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (PDP Ordinance).


  1. The data/recorded videos held by the CCTV system of the CLE may be provided by the CLE to a third party under the exemption provisions of PDP Ordinance and/or for investigations in enforcing the University’s regulations and/or for other purposes set out in paragraph 1.


  1. The CCTV system of the CLE is operated and could be accessed by relevant duty staff member(s) of the CLE.


  1. Access to the data or recorded videos captured by the CCTV system of the CLE requires prior approval from the Head of CLE or his/her delegate(s).


  1. The recorded videos of the CCTV system of the CLE will normally be kept for up to one month.


  1. No third party viewing or reproduction of recorded video or data captured by the CCTV system of the CLE is allowed except with prior approval of the Head of CLE, or as requested by a law enforcement agency. All requests by persons or organisations for viewing or obtaining CCTV records or images held by the CCTC system of the CLE must be made in writing via https://eduhk.au1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8uCCB4AACJ5o16K and assessed on a case-by-case basis by the Head of CLE. Proper record of such will be kept by the CLE.


  1. Inquiries relating to the operation of the CCTV system of the CLE should be sent to cle@eduhk.hk.


  1. The University reserves the right to review and amend these guidelines at a regular interval and the latest version of the same shall be posted up at a prominent place of the University.
(Only English version is available at this moment)

[1] As of October 2021, B3-G/F-05 and B3-P-11 are the only venues in the custody of CLE which is covered by the CCTV system.

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