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News & Events

CAPTAIN launches inaugural seminar of Dialogue Series 2024


Curriculum and Assessment Policy for Teaching Advancement Interest Network (CAPTAIN) is a new initiative supported by the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (C&I). It seeks to synergise academic and practitioner insights regarding curriculum and assessment policies in the Hong Kong education system.

On 8 April 2024, CAPTAIN launched its inaugural event as part of its Dialogue Series 2024. The seminar, titled “Empower Learning Through Feedback” focused on student feedback, welcoming EdUHK staff and students, as well as visitors from HKEAA, to attend. We were also privileged to have been able to invite two guest speakers for this event – Dr Yang Lan, Joy and Ms Claudia Chan. In her sharing “Unveiling the Power of Feedback: A perspective of student feedback orientation”, Dr Yang – Associate Professor (Research) at C&I – presented her theoretical framework that highlights how students’ perception of feedback are influenced by utility, self-efficacy, social awareness and accountability. Ms Claudia Chan, Chairperson of the Citizenship and Social Development (CSD) panel at Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section), then spoke about her frontline experience in utilising student feedback to sustain engagement with topical issues in CSD, despite the new two-grade assessment system in the HKDSE that might prevent students from expending further effort for the subject.

After Dr Yang and Ms Chan shared with the audience their expertise, they sat together to take questions from the floor. Participants had the chance to discuss and engage in conversations relating to student feedback and its application. The discussion panel facilitated by Dr Jan Gube – Coordinator of CAPTAIN – was an invaluable opportunity of knowledge transfer and exchange.