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News & Events

Education Forums for School Leaders 2020/21 - 1st Forum: Fine-tuning of medium of instruction policy for secondary schools


On 11 November 2020, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and the Association of Hong Kong Chinese Middle Schools (AHKCMS) jointly organized a Zoom education forum themed “Fine-tuning of Medium of Instruction (MoI) policy for secondary schools”. It attracted 155 participants composed of secondary principals, teachers and university scholars. In the Forum, Dr WU Siu Wai, an Assistant Professor of Teaching from Department of International Education, conducted the keynote presentation on ‘Retrospect and prospect: the third cycle of fine-tuning of MoI policy for secondary schools’. Principal YAU Kit Ying Veronica (Principal of Fanling Kau Yan College and Vice-president of AHKCMS) shared her school’s experience on how to help students excel in both Chinese and English. And Dr FOK Ping Kwan (Acting Head of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction) facilitated the open discussion session.

The Forum drew wisdom from university scholars and school leaders to find ways for the betterment of the MoI policy. In the forthcoming third cycle (2021-2027) of fine-tuning of the policy, AHKCMS may put forward suggestions for further improvement to the Education Bureau, including the provision of additional resources to Chinese as Medium of Instruction (CMI) secondary schools for English attainment enhancement, granting greater latitude to CMI schools for arranging the school-based EMI classes/subjects, commissioning universities to conduct comprehensive longitudinal researches on the related topics, promoting English enrichment and professional development programmes to non-English majored EMI subject teachers, etc.