Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 15, Issue 2, Article 2 (Dec., 2014)
Visualization in research and science teachers’ professional development

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Visualization in research and science teachers’ professional development

Shu-Nu CHANG RUNDGREN1, 2* and Bao-Jun YAO3

1Department of Engineering and Chemical Sciences at Karlstad University, 651 88 Karlstad, SWEDEN

2Department of Education, Stockholm University, SWEDEN

3The Research Center for Teacher Development, Jiangxi Normal University, CHINA

*Corresponding author



Received 10 Jun., 2014
Revised 22 Dec., 2014



Based on the importance and widely use of visualization in science, this article has a three-fold aim related to the terms of visualization, representation and model that in recent years have been introduced to the field of science education without clear differentiation. Firstly, the three terms are discussed with examples to provide a common ground for the following discussion. Secondly, the roles of visualization in science education are delineated to inform teachers how visualization can be used to enhance their teaching and students’ learning in science. Thirdly, based on visualization research in science education, there are a number of aspects that we need to consider while embedding the proposed visualization into the development of teachers’ professional knowledge. We hope to contribute to pre- and in-service science teachers’ professional development linked to the use of visualization in science education.

Keywords: visualization, science education, teacher’ professional knowledge, teachers’ professional development


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