We are pleased to announce that the School Leadership Roundtable 2021 co-organised by the Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change (APCLC) of The Education University of Hong Kong and the Faculty of Education, Southwest University will be held on June 25-26, 2021.

Theme and Purpose

This year's Roundtable theme is "Seeking common ground: Connecting Chinese and International School Leadership". The Roundtable brings together by invitation 70+ renowned regional and international education scholars, practitioners, policymakers and principals from 19 societies*. They come together this year to:

  Reflect on how to build the capacity of younger-generation educational leadership researchers in China;
  Discuss the latest innovative school practices from both international and local perspectives; and
  Stimulate more cutting-edge research in the field of educational leadership in China.

The theme will be addressed through keynote addresses, panel discussions, informative videos and interactive discussion and question sessions. We look forward to welcoming everyone (either in person or virtually) to Chongqing for this important forum. We expect the outcomes to contribute to the formation of a dynamic, future-oriented educational leadership and management research agenda to help guide our ongoing partnerships and work.

* Participants come from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Israel, Turkey, Chile, South Africa, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.