Programme Code A1P018 C2P040
Mode of Study One-year Full-time Two-year Part-time
Programme Leader Dr Wu Shu-Chen Ms Ho Ka Man, Carman

Programme Aims

This Programme of initial teacher education prepares graduates to achieve competence and confidence in working in the early childhood education sector. It aims to develop participants' professional knowledge, skills and attitudes required for effective teaching and administration in a broad range of early childhood education settings.

Programme Features

This Programme focuses on nurturing participants' professional knowledge, skills and attitudes for incorporation into teaching practice, enabling them to gradually develop into competent early childhood educators and administrators in ECE settings.

It fosters participants' ability to promote integration of theory and practice and to critically translate programme content into workplace practice.

Programme Structure

Participants of full-time programme are normally required to attend four study days per week in semester I, and three days per week in semester II. Participants of part-time programme are normally required to attend two 3-hour classes per week in each semester. For full-time programme, classes are normally held in daytime/evening on weekdays and/or Saturday at Tai Po Campus. For part-time programme, classes are normally held in evening on weekdays and/or Saturday at Tai Po Campus. This Programme comprises a programme orientation and the following components:

1. General Methods 6 cps
2. Education Studies 15 cps
3. Electives 3 cps
4. Field Experience 6 cps
Total: 30 cps

Programme Orientation

All participants must attend a programme orientation which includes information sessions about the curriculum, campus facilities and services, as well as an IT workshop.

General Methods

The General Methods component helps participants acquire the necessary understanding and expertise for promoting young children's holistic development and learning in all domains. This component includes the study of the theory and practice of integrated curriculum as well as the contemporary pedagogical approaches for early childhood education. The courses are:

  • Promoting Language & Literacy in Early Childhood
  • Enhancing Children's Creativity and Self-Expression

Education Studies

The Education Studies component provides participants with an understanding of the elements of educational foundation disciplines, including children's development, learning process and the contexts of development and education. The courses are:

  • Child Development
  • Learning and Teaching
  • School-Family-Community Partnerships
  • Understanding, Teaching and Supporting Children with Diverse Needs
  • Educational Management and Sustainable Development of Early Childhood Settings


The Electives component offers participants with the extended studies that may be curriculum-related or professional-development-oriented. Participants are required to choose one out of the following two courses+ according to their own professional needs and/or interests:

  • Scientific & Mathematical Explorations for Young Children
  • Promoting Children's Health and Well-being

+ Only the option being chosen by the majority of students will be offered.

Field Experience

The Field Experience component comprises the following three main elements:

  1. Block Practice / Supervised Teaching
    Participants will be guided by the University's supervisors to try out what they have learnt in the General Methods, Education Studies and Electives courses and to evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching in the placement schools (full-time programme) / serving school (part-time programme) during the supervisory teaching visits*. Participants are then encouraged to seek ways to improve their teaching with the guidance of the University's supervisors.
  2. Reflective Teaching Journal / Portfolio
    This component includes analysis of participants' own conception of teaching, reflective records of tryouts of teaching strategies and approaches introduced in various courses.
  3. Educational Visit
    Participants will have the opportunity to visit child care centres /crèches and primary schools.

* For Part-time PGDE(ECE) programme, supervisory visits will be arranged in students' serving school teaching children at 3-6 years old.

Important Note: The University will ask students of our full-time teacher education programmes to declare whether they have been convicted of or are being prosecuted for any sex-related offence in Hong Kong or elsewhere, and to provide relevant details prior to undertaking teaching practice. Such information may be released to their placement schools. The University reserves the right not to allow these students to attend the block teaching practice. If so, they won't be able to meet the graduation requirements of the programmes.

Medium of Instruction

Full-time Programme

The medium of instruction is Chinese and/or English for the full-time programme. Applicant’s adequate proficiency in both Chinese and English is required, if appropriate. English is adopted as the language of instruction for relevant courses. Combined classes with students of the part-time programme would be arranged where necessary.

Part-time Programme

The part-time programme offers a Chinese stream and an English stream. Participants have to choose which medium of instruction they prefer upon application.

  • Chinese as the medium of instruction
    The medium of instruction is mainly Chinese. English or Putonghua may be adopted as the language of instruction for relevant courses, as appropriate.
  • English as the medium of instruction
    The medium of instruction is mainly English.

Information Technology Competency in Education (ITCE)

Participants who are enrolled in education programmes [leading to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) / Qualified Kindergarten Teacher (QKT)] are required to complete the IT e-Portfolio for checking and pass all the required courses in the programme to demonstrate the attainment of Information Technology Competency in Education (ITCE) before graduation. For detailed information, please refer to

Career Prospects / Professional Qualifications

Graduates of this programme will:

  • be eligible to register as Qualified Kindergarten Teachers, Child Care Workers and Child Care Supervisors;
  • meet the professional qualification as kindergarten principals#; and
  • be eligible to apply for the University's Master of Education Programme.

# Graduates are recognised by the Education Bureau (EDB) as meeting one of the requirements for registration as kindergarten principal. Registration on professional qualifications as kindergarten principal is subject to individuals’ relevant work experience and further principalship training, subject to EDB’s final approval.

Entrance Requirements

To be eligible for admission, applicants should normally:

For One-year Full-time Programme

  • hold a recognised Bachelor's degree, or equivalent;

For Two-year Part-time Programme

  • hold a recognised Bachelor's degree, or equivalent; and
  • be serving teachers* in early childhood education settings registered with the Education Bureau in Hong Kong.

* Participants are required to teach a regular class of at least 10 children aged 3-6 years old with minimum of 3 hours per day during the teaching practice period. (Please submit the completed recommendation form with your application.)

Shortlisted applicants may be required to attend an interview.


Admission Programme
Tel (852) 2948 6886 (852) 2948 7487
Programme Leader
(One-year Full-time)
Programme Leader
(Two-year Part-time)
Dr Wu Shu-Chen Ms Ho Ka Man, Carman
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