• Do you accept applicants who are not serving school teachers?

    The PDPs are specially designed for local serving school teachers aimed at enhancing their professional skills and knowledge in a specific domain. We will only consider applications from local serving teachers.

  • I have just been admitted to a full-time PDP, what should I do?

    Congratulations on your successful application. First of all, you should notify your school principal so as to make arrangement with him/her on matters relating to the appointment of supply teacher and checking the funding of supply teachers. Schools which release teachers to take Full-time Block-release programmes are eligible for supply teachers, if deem necessary. Government and aided schools shall contact the EDB for detailed arrangements. Private and DSS schools shall make their own arrangements for the employment of supply teachers.

  • Is it possible to pursue my part-time programme in the University while at the same time study a full-time PDP?

    According to the University's “Double Registration” policy, students enrolled in any full-time award bearing programmes (lasting for one year or longer) of the University should not simultaneously register for study for another qualification at this University or for a post-secondary qualification at another institution, except with prior approval of the University. A PDP is not categorised as a full-time award bearing programme and therefore this “Double Registration” policy doesn’t apply.

  • Is it possible to pursue a full-time PDP after completing the study of another PDP?

    We welcome your application because the primary objective of our PDPs is to provide opportunity for your professional upgrading. Nevertheless you are strongly encouraged to consult your school principal before submitting the application as it concerns the staff training plan of your school.

  • What are the fees?

    Applications and tuition are free for ALL PDPs.

  • What document should I submit together with the completed application form?

    Applicants are required to upload the completed Principal Recommendation Form for completing the online application form. Applications without a completed Principal Recommendation Form will not be proceeded.

  • Can I submit the application after the deadline?

    Yes, we will accept late applications. You are however invited to note that applications for PDPs will be processed on a rolling basis until all places are filled. Early applications are strongly encouraged.

  • Do I need to attend an admission interview/test?

    No, all PDPs do not require admission interview / test.

  • When will I receive notifications from the University?

    Applications will be processed on a rolling basis. Successful applicants will receive individual notifications by mail from September to June of that academic year (no later than 6 weeks before the commencement date) depend on the commencement date of the programme(s) you applied for. Applicants who do not receive admission offers two weeks before the commencement of an intake cohort in which they intend to begin study may assume their appications unsuccessful. No individual notifications will be sent to unsuccessful or waitlisted applicants.

  • I have been admitted to a PDP, can I apply for a change of class?

    Yes, we will try to accommodate your request as far as possible but we also need to take into account the availability of places as well as the class size before making the final decision. You are advised to approach the Admissions and Registrations Section to apply for a change of class.

  • If I am offered a place this year, can I defer admission to a year later?

    Your admission offer is only valid for the current admission year and will lapse if you fail to enroll for admission.

  • If I decline the admission offer this year, will it affect my application next year?

    No, applications are reviewed based on the information submitted in the year of admission, without making reference to your previous records.

  • I completed a PDP last year. If I enroll in another programme (other than PDP), can I apply for credit transfer based on my previous learning experience in this programme?

    You may be eligible for credit transfer if the PDP courses are deemed equivalent to the relevant courses in the programme you are going to study (other than PDP). You are advised to consult the Registry for details.