Research Expertise

Research Expertise

The Department is composed of a group of innovative scholars and researchers with expertise in inclusive education, guidance and counselling, communication and speech disorders, as well as a number of other diverse specialisms. Our research areas include:

We have strong links with the research centres in the Faculty of Education and Human Development, particularly the Integrated Centre for Wellbeing (I-WELL) and the Centre for Brain Education (CBE).

Special Education

Staff Research Areas
Mr CHIM Ho Yeung, Hastings

SEN Education programs, SEN teachers' perception, Holistic support for students with learning difficulties

Ms CHOW Wing Sze, Emily

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dr HE Wu Jing, Mavis

Gifted Education and Creativity

Dr HO Fuk Chuen

Learning Difficulties

Ms KAN Pui Wai, Yvonne

AD/HD and Emotional Behavioural Difficulties

Dr LAI Chi Leung

AD/HD and Emotional Behavioural Difficulties

Dr POON Kei Yan, Kean

Educational Psychology and Juvenile Delinquency

Prof SIN Kuen Fung, Kenneth

Supporting Students with Special Needs for Inclusion

Dr TSANG Kwan Lan, Vicky

Developmental Disabilities

Dr WANG Li Chih, Angus

Developmental Dyslexia. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD)

Speech-language Pathology

Staff Research Areas
Dr KAM Chi Shan, Anna

Audiology, Aural Rehabilitation and Tinnitus, Automated Hearing Science

Mrs KWAN-CHEN Li Ying, Lorinda

Communication disorders associated with Parkinson's Disease or stroke and other neurological conditions

Ms KWOK Yee Tak, Esther

Medical Speech-Language Pathology and Clinical Neuroscience

Ms LAU Suk Han, Polly

Speech, Language and Communication Disorders, Aural ha/rehabilitations

Ms OOI Chia Wen, Carmen

Child Language Acquisition, Specific Language Impairment, Bi/Multilingualism, Memory and Language acquisition

Ms YU Ka Man, Karen

Language and Communication Disorders in Children, Clinical Education

Dr YUEN Chi Pun, Kevin

Hearing Impairment and Speech Recognition

Guidance and Counselling

Staff Research Areas
Dr. Chung Yin Han, Eva

Community-based inclusive development, person-centered practice, developmental and physical disabilities

Dr FUNG Suk Chun

Animal-assisted Intervention and Counselor Education

Prof HUE Ming Tak

School Discipline and Behaviour Management

Dr KWOK Kan, Diana

Sexuality Education and Culturally Competent School Counselling Practice

Mr LAU Kai Cheung, Richard

Mental Suffering & Spiritual Disorders

Dr LEUNG Chi Hung

Play and Parenting

Dr LEUNG Kim Chau, Charles

Guidance and Counselling

Dr LUNG Ching Leung

School Guidance and Counselling

Dr SHEK Mei Po, Mabel

School Guidance and Career Counselling

Neuroscience and Education

Staff Research Areas
Prof CHUNG Kien Hoa, Kevin

Specific Learning Difficulties

Dr LIU Duo, Phil

Reading Development and Reading Difficulties

Dr YUM Yen Na, Cherry

Bilingualism and Literacy