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Moving towards quality education for non-Chinese speaking children


In response to the emerging needs of local kindergartens to educate ethnic minority children, the Department of Early Childhood Education launched the Diploma Programme in Early Childhood Education (Supporting Learning and Teaching for Non-Chinese Speaking Children).  The programme is aimed to train teaching assistants who possess the language proficiencies, cultural capitals, and pedagogical skills to support the kindergarten education of ethnic minority children in Hong Kong. 

The Department held the first student assembly on 5 September, 2017. The Head of the Department, Professor Kevin Chung, welcomed the first cohort of students, and expressed his admiration for the students’ commitment to support the development of ethnic minority children. He noted that the students are beginning a new journey characterized by “5Ns,” namely “new environment,” “new chapter,” “new friends,” “new ideas and things,” and “new learning experience.” He also highlighted the importance of culturally responsive teaching and home-school-community collaboration in nurturing ethnic minority children in the local context. 

Upon completion of the programme, the students will be able to contribute to the social inclusion of ethnic minorities in early childhood education. More generally, the programme embodies the Department’s aspiration to provide quality education for all.