Professor Zhenguo YUAN

Professor Zhenguo YUAN

Zhenguo YUAN is a professor and dean of the School of Education Sciences at East China Normal University (ECNU), and a Vice-President of China’s Society for Education Studies. Before returning to ECNU in 2014, he served as a key policy planner at China’s Ministry of Education for teacher education reform and Director of China’s Institute of Educational Sciences (2007-2013). With numerous national projects, he has widely published, and his publications include Education Policy Theories by Jiangsu Education Press (2001), Contemporary Theories of Education by Education Sciences Press (2004), and New Ideas of Education by Education Sciences Press (2002) which became a national best-seller over 20 reprints. He is also a chief editor of Commentary Series of China’s Education Policy from 1999. Professor Zhenguo YUAN’s main research interests include educational policy, comparative education, school leadership, and quality enhancement of education.