WERA submission guidelines

We invite proposals for paper presentations and symposia.

  Paper Submissions
  • Paper summaries are a maximum of 750 words in addition to the paper title, information on the authors, and so forth. Up to ten references may be included in the summary, and must be set forth in the reference list. Also, a 250-word abstract suitable in publication must be included. The first author of the paper is responsible for submission, even if that individual is not the paper presenter. 


  Symposia Submissions
  • A symposium provides opportunities, not afforded by a single paper, to examine a specific education research problem or topic through an international, comparative, or worldwide lens and to bring to bear diverse perspectives, intensive discussion, or a wide range of expertise.

  • Symposium abstracts are a maximum of 500 words. Submissions also include 150-word summaries for each presentation/paper in a symposium, and allow for up to ten references for each presentation. References cited in the summaries must be set forth in the reference list.

  • Symposium proposals are submitted by an organizer who may or may not be a chair, presenter, or discussant. A WERA symposium can include a maximum of five participants in addition to the chair. Participants include all presenters and any discussants



For detail information, please refer to the full PDF file about THIRD AND FINAL CALL FOR SUBMISSION. The Call for Submissions is also posted on the WERA website (www.weraonline.org). If you encounter any submission questions, please email the general WERA inbox at wera@aera.net