Professor Hannele Niemi

Professor Hannele Niemi

Hannele Niemi, PhD., is Professor of Education (1998–) at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki. She has also been Vice Rector (2003–2009) and Dean (2001–2003) at the University of Helsinki. Her main research interest areas are teachers’ professional development, moral education and technology-based learning environments. She has been invited as Doctor or Professor of Honoris Causa in Universities in Finland (two universities), Romania and Singapore.

She is Chairperson of the Board of Finnish Universities for the Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute with Chinese universities (2016-) and a member of the academic committee for cooperation of the University of Helsinki and Chinese universities (2015-). She has been a Visiting Professor at Michigan State University (1989) and a short term Visiting Scholar at Stanford University 2010, 2013, and 2015. Professor Niemi has been a scientific leader of big national research projects in Finland e.g. Finnable 2020 ( for advancing educational technology and 21st century skills in schools (2012-2015) and a Director of the national research program "Life as Learning", Academy of Finland (2002–2006). She has been a member of the Steering Committee of the British national research programme (TLRP), Teaching and Learning Research Programme (2003-2008).

She has published several articles and edited books on education and educational reforms, e.g. New Ways to Teach and Learn in China and Finland.  Crossing Boundaries with Technology (2016); The Miracle of Education: The Principles and Practices of Teaching and Learning in Finnish Schools, second revised edition, 2016, translated also in Chinese and Korean (the first ed. 2012); Finnish Innovations and Technologies in Schools: Towards New Ecosystems of Learning, 2014; Research-Based Teacher Education in Finland, 2006; and Education as a Societal Contributor, 2007). Niemi has contributed to many international education research publications and has published books in more than ten languages.

She has had many memberships in scientific councils and editorial boards in Finland and Europe. The whole publication list can be found in the University of Helsinki database: