UNESCO Chair in Regional Education Development and Lifelong Learning, The Education University of Hong Kong


Multilingual Education in China  

Our research network has undertaken a wide range of projects designed to offer a holistic and descriptive account of multilingualism and multilingual education in China. The themes include the following:

* Multilingualism and multilingual education: Theory and practice

* Multilingualism and equal access to education

* Reconciliation between multilingualism and language standardization

* Multilingualism and family policies

* Effectiveness of multilingual education models

* Ethnic and national identities in multilingual education

* Affective dimensions in multilingual education

* Multilingual education and ethno-linguistic vitality

* Multilingual education and protection of ethnic language resources

* Approaches to multilingualism and multilingual education

* Third language acquisition

* Tri-/multi-lingual teacher training and teacher education

* Tri-/multilingual education projects, in progress or in plan

* Chinese and English bilingualism and bilingual education

* Multilingualism, identity and social cohesion

* Multilingualism with Chinese characteristics

* Multilingual landscapes

* “Belt and Road” initiatives and multilingualism

* Chinese as a lingua franca

* EMI in Chinese schools and universities

* The learning and teaching of Asian language


Project Leaders:

         Prof. Bob ADAMSON The Education University of Hong Kong

         Prof. Anwei FENG University of Nottingham-Ningbo