Event Details


The STEM Education Conference-cum-Carnival (STEMCC) 2016, jointly organized by the Department of Science and Environmental Studies and the Department of Mathematics and Information Technology of The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK), will be held on 16-17 Dec 2016 at the Tai Po Campus, EdUHK. STEM, an acronym of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, represents a conscious effort to integrate these four disciplines for the development of 21st century skills, creativity and innovation in our younger generation. STEM education is not only for developing our economy but also for solving both persistent and emerging problems in society and the environment.

This event is one of a series of major events organized by the EdUHK to promote STEM education in the school sector. It aims to provide a platform for school leaders, curriculum developers, teachers, teacher educators and other stakeholders to share their ideas and experiences of organizing STEM learning activities. It also offers opportunities for students to share their previous learning outcomes on STEM and experience new STEM ideas in exciting ways.  The focus of this event is to present a wide range of inspiring ideas for integrating STEM education into the school formal and informal curriculum and to explore the ways forward in promoting STEM education in the territory.

The STEMCC 2016 will comprise an exciting mixture of academic discussions including plenary talks, seminars and workshops, and entertaining learning activities such as exhibitions, outdoor demonstrations, visits and game stalls presented by the EdUHK teachers and students, primary and secondary school teachers and students, government departments, professional bodies, non-government organizations, and providers of educational resources.



To explore new STEM ideas

  • STEM for sustainable development
  • Creativity in STEM
  • Building a better society through STEM
  • STEM and Humanities
  • From STEM to STEAM


To reflect on STEM pedagogies

  • STEM instructional design for science lessons
  • Promoting STEM through project-based activities
  • Teaching scientific principles through STEM
  • Building tools for STEM activities
  • Bridging scientific inquiry and engineering design
  • Integrating mathematics and IT into science and technology activities



16-17 December, 2016



The Education University of Hong Kong (Tai Po campus)