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Summer Residence 2021


With the recent development of the pandemic, Summer Residence for 2021 will be open for application from eligible students with genuine needs for on-campus accommodation during the specified period to minimize the human flow in the hall community. 

  1. Eligibility: All full-time students of the University are eligible to apply for Summer Residence 2021.
  2. Allocation Criteria and Priority: Available hall places will be allocated with the following priority which was approved by the Student Affairs Committee (SAC) in March 2020.
    • UGC-funded full-time Research Postgraduate (RPG) students
    • UGC-funded full-time Undergraduate (UG) students enrolled in courses offered in Summer Semester
    • Other UGC-funded full-time Undergraduate (UG) students 
    • UGC-funded full-time Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) students
    • UGC-funded full-time Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education HD(ECE) students
    • Self-financed full-time students
  1. Application Period: Applications will be open from 00:00 on 12 May to 23:59 on 19 May 2021. The online application form is available for access via iHostel system  (log in to the Portal → Stu Affairs → iHostel).
  2. Hall Places on Offer: In order to provide a safe and healthy, friendly and comfortable living place for students, Robert Black Hall will be closed for massive renovation works throughout the Summer while Jockey Club Student Quarters will be partially open to accommodate Research Postgraduate (RPG) students only. Hall places on offer for Summer Residence 2021 are set out as below.
Northcote Hall (NH) Grantham Hall (GH) Robert Black Hall (RBH) Jockey Club Student Quarters (JCSQ)
Open for application
Closed for massive renovation works Open to RPG students only


  1. Result Announcement: Successful applicants will receive the conditional hall offers via iHostel system on 25 May 2021. To confirm acceptance of the hall offer, students should reply to the conditional offer in the iHostel system by 23:59, 27 May 2021 and settle all payment listed in the conditional offer and return the original bank deposit slip to SAO Service Counter, B4-G/F-01, from 25 to 28 May 2021 (09:00 -  17:00) with his/her full name and student number written on the back of the bank transaction slip. 

    Students with difficulties returning the original bank deposit slip to SAO Service Counter within the specified deadline may request for special approval from Hall Management Section by email ( with justified reasons and supporting documents, if any. The original bank deposit slip should be submitted to the Hall Management Section before or upon check-in.

  2. Please refer to the Application Guidelines for Summer Residence 2021” for the Residential Period, Weekly Rate, Payment Methods and other details.

Application Guidelines for Summer Residence 2021



Important notes to applicants


  1. In view of the recent development of the COVID-19 pandemic, applications for Summer Residence are not encouraged unless with genuine needs for on-campus accommodation to minimize the human flow in the hall community.
  2. Student halls / quarters are not to be used as quarantine facilities. Students who are under compulsory quarantine as required by the HKSAR Government will not be allowed to enter the student halls / quarters until they have completed the compulsory quarantine requirements at the time off campus.
  3. All newly admitted student-residents should submit the Declaration on Health and Travel History when they check-in to the assigned halls / quarters.
  4. Student-residents who have travelled outside Hong Kong during the Summer Residence period should inform the Hall Management Office of respective halls after the trip and complete the compulsory quarantine requirements at the time, if applicable, off campus. Upon their return to hall, student-residents concerned are required to submit a Health Declaration Form and provide documentation proofs for the completion of compulsory quarantine or the Green Code.
  5. All student-residents should arrange their own compulsory quarantine accommodation off campus, if applicable, at their own cost. No allowances will be provided by the University.


Video Clip for Briefing Session on Summer Residence via Zoom (10 May 2021) [Please click the image to view the video]

Self Photos / Files - Briefing Session on Summer Residence 2021


iHostel User Guide for Summer Residence (Video demonstration) [Please click the image to view the video]

Self Photos / Files - iHostel User Guide Video

iHostel User Guide for Summer Residence (PDF Version)