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Discretionary Hall Places for Summer Residence 2020   

Application of Discretionary Hall Places for Summer Residence 2020 is open to student who has special reason(s) for on-campus accommodation during the summer but fails to get a hall offer under the current allocation mechanism.  The application period is from 9:00 am on 26 May to 5:00 pm on 29 May 2020. Please click HERE for application.

All full-time EdUHK students are eligible to apply for discretionary hall place to Director of Student Affairs [DSA] or a Warden. Consideration would be made with reference to:

  • DSA's discretion - family/health issue, contribution to the University, or other special reasons;
  • Wardens' discretion - hall contribution and/or hall related roles.

Important Notes:

  1. Application should be made by duly completing this online application form and submitting related supporting documents, through the online application system, on or before deadline (i.e. 29 May 2020, 5:00 pm). 
  2. Applications which are incomplete, and/or without relevant supporting document, will NOT be considered.
  3. Late submission or application submitted through other means will NOT be accepted.
  4. The application, once submitted, cannot be changed or modified.  In the event of repeated submission, only the latest submission will be processed.
  5. All data collected will be used for application for Discretionary Hall Places for Summer Residence 2020, statistics and office record only.

The application result will be announced in early June 2020.

For enquiries, please contact Hall Management Section at 2948 6868 or


Summer Residence 2020

With the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Summer Residence for 2020 will be open for application from eligible students with genuine needs for on-campus accommodation during the specified period to minimize the human flow in the hall community. 

  1. Eligibility: All full-time students of the University with genuine needs of hall accommodation are eligible to apply.
  2. Allocation Criteria and Priority: Available hall places will be allocated with the following priority which was approved by Student Affairs Committee (SAC) in March 2020.
  • UGC-funded full-time Research Postgraduate (RPG) students
  • UGC-funded full-time Undergraduate (UG) students enrolled in courses offered in Summer Semester (# Applicants are required to upload the documentation proof(s) for course enrollment in the Summer Semester to the online form during the application period. Late submission will not be accepted.)
  • Other UGC-funded full-time Undergraduate (UG) students 
  • UGC-funded full-time Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) students
  • UGC-funded full-time Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education HD(ECE) students
  • Self-financed full-time students
  1. Application Period: The online application will be open from 9:00 am on 8 May to 11:59 pm on 14 May 2020. Please click HERE for application.
  2. Hall Places on Offer: To assure the safety, quality and durability of the various project works, the hall places on offer for Summer Residence 2020 will be set out as below.


Northcote Hall (NH)

Grantham Hall (GH)

Robert Black Hall (RBH)

Jockey Club Student Quarters (JCSQ)

Closed for renovation works

Partial* open for application


*    Alignment to the University’s message to students, human flow in each hall should be minimized. 

-   For RBH, only two-third rooms on each floor will be open for Summer Residence.

-   For UG flats in JCSQ, each 9-person flat will house 6 summer residents and each 12-person flat will house 8 summer residents.  


  1. Result Announcement: Successful applicants will receive the conditional hall offers via email from SAO (shostel@eduhk.hkon 25 May 2020.
  2. Please refer to the “Application Guidelines for Summer Residence 2020” (Attachment) for the Residential Period, Weekly Rate, Payment Methods and other details. 


Important notes to applicants

  1. Student halls/quarters are not to be used as quarantine facilities. Students who are under compulsory quarantine as required by the HKSAR Government will not be allowed to enter the student halls/quarters until they complete the compulsory quarantine requirements at home or other accommodation for 14 days.
  2. All newly admitted student-residents should submit the Declaration on Health and Travel History when they check-in to the assigned halls/quarters.
  3. Student-residents who have travelled outside Hong Kong during the Summer Residence period should inform the Hall Management Office of respective halls after the trip and complete the compulsory quarantine requirements outside the campus for 14 days.  Upon their return to hall, student-residents concerned are required to submit a Health Declaration Form and provide documentation proofs for the completion of compulsory quarantine.
  4. All student-residents should arrange their own compulsory quarantine accommodation outside the campus, if applicable, at their own cost.  No allowances will be provided by the University.
  5. Owing to the development of COVID-19 and the closure of NH and GH, Summer Vacation Programme will be suspended in 2020.  The student halls/quarters will not be open for reservation by student bodies of EdUHK for organising orientation camps.