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Hall Point System

Based on the rationale for the provision of hall places to cater for the accommodation need of students living far away from the University and to facilitate active campus involvement, the Hall Point System accords equal weighting between home location and living conditions (50%), and activity participation, contribution to the University and achievements (50%). 


The Hall Point System will be reviewed annually with inputs from stakeholders including current residents, student bodies, Wardens, Senior Tutors, Student Residents’ Associations and all students. 


Hall Point System for 2021/22


Point System for Hall Admission 2021-22 (Includes Codes of different Sections)


Consultation of Hall Point System, 2021/22

Consultation Schedule

- Draft Proposal on Hall Point System for Hall Admission Exercise 2021-22 #

# Approved by Student Affairs Committee in February 2021


Hall Point System for 2020/21


Self Photos / Files - Hall_Point_2020-21

Point System for Hall Admission 2020-21 (Includes Codes of different Sections)