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Think Global: Tummy Yummy (11-29 Jan)

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~Sharing Festive Culinary Delights~

Have you ever wondered why your parents or grandparents make the same dishes to welcome and celebrate every Lunar New Year? Do you know why mulled wine is always served in Christmas markets? Or why is Holi, the Hindu festival of colours, celebrated with kesar chawa (saffron rice)?


Win a cash voucher by joining our “Tummy Yummy” through sharing with us any of your favorite festive food of any festival! It can be something from your own culture or heritage, something you tasted during travel, or even something served by your foreign friends.

All your sharing will be posted on our Instagram account (@eduhk.gel) on 11-29 Jan. The top 3 most-liked posts in each round will be awarded, and the top 2 in the whole period will be awarded with a bigger prize!
First round: 11-19 Jan
Second round: 20-29 Jan

Remember to share your post with friends and let them “like” your post as support!

Don’t wait – follow the guidelines below and send your sharing to sc2021@eduhk.hk. For enquiries, email or call us at 2948 8309.

Submission guidelines
What we need from you 

  • Maximum 10 photos or drawings of the festive food, dish or snack (JPG/JPEG; no more than 5MB);
  • A write-up (either in Chinese or English),
    including :
    1) name of the festive food, dish or snack,
    2) which festival,
    3) when the festival takes place,
    4) any historical story or myth between the food and festival* [*Maximum 80 words],
    5) which country, city or culture it is related to, and
    6) (Optional) recipe: ingredients and how it is made.


Submission method

  • 1) the photos/ drawings,
  • 2) the write-up, and
  • 3) your full name and
  • 4) the name you are known as (which to shown in our official IG: eduhk.gel)

to sc2021@eduhk.hk 27 Jan (Wed). 


Important notes

  • Content of the post should be appropriate and relevant to the theme: Festive food and/or dishes; without any focus on brand names or trademarks.
  • Any photographs and images should be submitted with a photo credit.
  • Any content that promotes discrimination and/or hatred, and/or violates or infringes on, another person’s rights, must not be contained.