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Certificate Course: Professional Training Course for Teachers on Handling Youth Addictive Gambling

Professional Training Course for Teachers on Handling Youth Addictive GamblingSelf Photos / Files - 06 Gambling Course


Brief description

Have you ever heard of cases where students are addicted to gambling? If you were a friend of that student, how can you help?

This training course identifies the reasons why gambling is common in youth groups. It provides a comprehensive approach to students with additional intervention skills for teachers.


What you will gain

  • counselling and intervention techniques
  • knowledge in handling addicted gambling
  • first-hand experience in solving gambling cases


Activity date&time

  • Semester I:

    Session 1 & 2: 26/9/2020 (Saturday) 10:00a.m. –  1:00p.m.

    Session 3 & 4: 26/9/2020 (Saturday) 2:00p.m. –  5:00p.m.

    Session 5 & 6: 10/10/2020 (Saturday) 10:00a.m. –  1:00p.m.

  • Semester II:

    Session 1 & 2: 27/2/2021 (Saturday) 10:00a.m. –  1:00p.m.

    Session 3 & 4: 27/2/2021 (Saturday) 2:00p.m. –  5:00p.m.

    Session 5 & 6: 6/3/2021 (Saturday) 10:00a.m. –  1:00p.m





(1) Development of Gambling in Hong Kong

  • Development of gambling in Hong Kong, current situation and other relevant legislation
  • Understand risks and traps of different emerging betting entertainment

(2) Reasons for Gambling Addiction

  • What is gambling addiction
  • Reasons for gambling addiction

(3) Background of Youth Gambling in Hong Kong

  • Case sharing of ex-gamblers
  • Reasons, features and myths of youth gambling

(4) Approaches to Dealing with Youth Gambling Cases

  • How to initially identify gambling addict
  • Assessment of quitting gambling and intervention methods

(5) Brief Intervention Skills for Teachers

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Risk assessment, handling approaches and referral procedures
  • Roles and involvement of teachers and family members of gamblers

(6) Community Resources

  • Community resources utilization and promotion on preventive education



  • Sunshine Lutheran Centre, Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, LC-HKS


Words from previous students

  • Understanding the causes and addictive process deepened my understanding of the youth’s growth. Useful counselling and intervention skills learned!
  • The theories and case studies provided in the course were practical. They facilitated my primary school teaching.
  • Taking care of the gamblers’ relatives were equally important.


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