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COVID-19 has put a halt to face-to-face classes for student learning transforming education to an online mode.


Despite students being able to learn without leaving their homes, they may not be immediately accessible to teachers when facing homework difficulties. With this tremendous change, some students may feel stressful with packed knowledge. To alleviate this problem, we have set up a free online learning platform to match primary and secondary students with EdUHK university students as tutors. The line up makes asking questions feasible via WhatsApp and Zoom, which in turn, hopes to foster interpersonal relationships and minimise students’ anxiety.


Programme Type

  • Online Service Programmes



Date Time/Days Description
19 Jan 6:30-8:00pm First encounter
25 Jan - 31 Mar

Mon-Sat: 4:00-6:00pm

Tue, Fri: 8:00-10:00pm
Sat: 10:00-12:00nn

Service period



  • WhatsApp and Zoom



  • Children – Primary and Secondary Students (mainly P1 to S3), from schools, SEN schools, and ethnic minority groups
  • Low-income Families


Current NGO and school partners

(in no particular order)


  1. HKSKH The Church of Our Saviour Social Service Centre
  2. Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres | WISE (Women in Self Enhancement) Sheung Shui
  3. Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres - Jockey Club Tai Wo Centre
  4. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong (ELCHK) North District Integrated Youth Service Centre
  5. Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Jockey Club Shatin Integrated Service Centre
  6. Shamshuipo Kaifong Welfare Association Primary School
  7. Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Yu Mak Yuen Integrated Services Centre
  8. Yan Oi Tong Jockey Club Tin Ka Ping Integrated Children & Youth Services Centre
  9. NTWJWA Leung Sing Tak Primary School
  10. Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service Jockey Club Wah Ming Lutheran Integrated Service Centre
  11. Hong Kong Women Development Association Limited Tai Yuen Services Centre
  12. Tai Po Baptist Church Social Service Centre
  13. The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong Jockey Club Tai Po Children and Youth Integrated Service Centre
  14. Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, Growth Lutheran Centre
  15. SWD Tai Po (North) Integrated Family Service Centre 
  16. SWD Tai Po (South) Integrated Family Service Centre
  17. SWD Fanling Integrated Family Service Centre
  18. SWD Sheung Shui Integrated Family Service Centre
  19. Sheung Shui Integrated Family Service Centre    
  20. Caritas Integrated Family Service Centre - Fanling
  21. Salvation Army Tai Po Integrated Service for Young People
  22. SWD Family & Child Protective Services Unit (Tai Po & North)
  23. Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service
  24. Concerned for Grassroots Livelihood Alliance
  25. Assembly of God Leung Sing Tak Primary School
  26. Hong Kong Children & Youth Services Jockey Club Tai Po Integrated Children & Youth Services Centre
  27. H.K.S.K.H Lady MacLehose Centre
  28. Caritas School Social Work Service (Aberdeen)


Public Photos / Files - NGO 1 香港聖公會救主堂社會服務中心 - 賽馬會家庭幹線 Public Photos / Files - NGO 3 香港婦女中心協會有限公司
Public Photos / Files - NGO 4 基督教香港信義會北區青少年綜合服務中心 Public Photos / Files - NGO 13 大埔浸信會社會服務中心
Public Photos / Files - NGO 8 仁愛堂學校社會工作服務 Public Photos / Files - NGO 6 深水埔街坊福利會小學
Public Photos / Files - NGO 16-19 社會福利署南大埔綜合家庭服務中心 Public Photos / Files - 香港路德會社會服務處
Public Photos / Files - NGO 20 明愛粉嶺合家庭服務中心 Public Photos / Files - Sem 2 - NGO 19 香港聖公會麥理浩夫人中心
Public Photos / Files - Sem 2_NGO 6 Hong Kong Women Development  


Recipients' feedback

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  • Closed


Next Cohort

  • 2021/22 Sem 1 (tentative)


Contact Person

Please contact our staff Jonathan at abc@eduhk.hk or 2948 7072.