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STEM Internship Scheme

Internship companies are invited to recruit our eligible students for Innovation and Technology (I&T) related intern positions (full-time) in Hong Kong from 4 to 12 consecutive weeks through our platform Ed Job Plus with accounts of the internship companies. #


Ed Job Plus (EJP) Account for Accessing Scheme Details:

(A) Company with EJP account:

login EJP>
click “Latest News"  >
click “STEM Internship Scheme"


(B) Company without EJP account:

register for an account first according to the Registration Guide


Period of Internship of STEM Internship Scheme:
Jul – Aug 2020 (4 – 8 weeks): non-final year student
Jul – Sep 2020 (4 – 12 weeks): final year student


Allowance to Intern: HK$2,450 per week
· to be disbursed by EdUHK * to intern every 4 weeks after receiving intern’s attendance record from internship companies
· internship companies are welcome to offer additional honorarium directly to students on top of the above allowance


Acknowledgement: STEM Internship Scheme is supported by the Innovation and Technology Fund.


Internship Companies’ Role:
· Provide Employees’ Compensation Insurance to ALL interns
· Provide MPF ONLY to intern over 59 consecutive calendar days of work


Timeline (preview version for viewer’s reference only):

Public Photos / Files - CDS_STEM_Internship-Workflow


Objective of Scheme: To encourage STEM students to gain Innovation and Technology (I&T)-related work experience during their studies and to foster their interest in pursuing a career in I&T after graduation, so as to enlarge the local I&T talent pool.


Disclaimer: Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this event/publication (or by members of this university) do not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or the Innovation and Technology Commission.


Enquiry: 2948 6246 (tel) / careerservice@eduhk.hk (email), EdUHK



# Definition of Innovation and Technology (I&T) related work is very broad. Internship will be eligible as long as the actual work contains I&T elements (e.g. technology-related intellectual property work, digital marketing, data analysis for the manufacturing industry, etc.)

Eligible students include local undergraduate and postgraduate full time final and non-final year students (local students are defined by students who pay the local student tuition rate) who enroll in any STEM-related academic programmes:

1) Environmental Studies
2) Information and Communication Technology
3) General Studies
4) Mathematics
5) Science
6) Primary School Education
7) Secondary School Education


* EdUHK in this page represents Career Development Service of The Education University of Hong Kong