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Career Development
Virtual Overseas Internship Programmes

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Want to get an Overseas Internship to enrich your CV during term-time/ winter/ summer?
With financial support (GLEF and Allowance) coverage of programme fee, give yourself a chance to explore the world in a brand-new way!


Why Virtual Overseas Internship?

Having internship at a company in a foreign country is a great advantage on your job application. According to the survey by National Association of Colleges and Employers in 2021, it found that internship experience is the most important attribute that employers look for when evaluating graduates to hire.

However, the ability to relocate or travel abroad is only accessible due to consideration of cost, limited time, government and immigration policies. Nevertheless, virtual overseas internships can overcome the challenges mentioned above.



  • Virtual Overseas Internship allows you to gain the work experience you desire, in a flexible environment that is accessible. You are able to work from home and yet encounter working in overseas while minimize the expense on travel and housing for internships aboard. 


  • The up-to-date communication technology is used for virtual meetings and supervision at work, you are able to experience this advanced work readiness learning environment. 


  • EdUHK provides subsidy and successful application in BOTH Global Learning Enhancement Fund and Allowance (with the fulfilment of selection criteria), you may have a chance of obtaining a FREE Virtual Overseas Internship (for program fees less than HKD 5,000) or the maximum student payment is HKD 900 (for program fees up to HKD 6,800), while earning all the benefits of the Virtual Overseas Internship program. Please review the Financial Support Section below for eligibility criteria and requirements.


Target Students

  • All full-time/ part-time Higher Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate students


Placement Period

  • 1 September 2022 to 31 January 2023 (inclusive)


Job Nature and Details




Location of host co/ organizations

Deadline of Internship Application


Programme Fee


Enquiry and More


Talent Link

Singapore, US, UK and South-east Asia

Year round

4 – 6 weeks

HKD 3,500



Programme Brochure


NEXSTEP Connections

Asia & Global

Year round

4, 6, 8, 12 weeks

Asia: HKD 5,500



+ 852 9317 8032

Programme Brochure


The Bloom of Youth

Australia, Ireland, Spain, New Zealand and UK

Year round

(apply 1 – 2 months in advance)

4 – 12 weeks

(Part Time/ Full Time)


HKD 5,950


HKD 6,300

UK: HKD 6,750


HKD 6,800

(same price for different duration)


+852 3582 2092

Programme Brochure



Australia, New Zealand

Year round

(apply 1 month in advance)

612 weeks (flexible working hours)

AUD 800
(pay in 2 instalments)



Programme Brochure


SAO contact for the Virtual Overseas Internship above:

  • For 1. Talent Link and 2. NEXSTEP Connections, please email Ms Karen Lau at karenlau@eduhk.hk for enquiries.
  • For 3. The Bloom of Youth and 4. CareerDC, please email to Ms Veron Wong at veronwong@eduhk.hk for enquiries.


Financial Support

  1. Global Learning Enhancement Fund (GLEF) (please view here) 

    All full-time undergraduates and full-time HD(ECE) students are eligible for the GLEF, with the maximum subsidy up to HKD 10,000 (for UG) and HKD 5,000 (for HD(ECE)).

  2. Allowance

    All undergraduate students under UGC-funded and self-financed programmes will be eligible for an additional allowance of HKD 5,000 from the Joseph Lau Luen Hung Charitable Trust with the fulfillment of the selection criteria.


  3. Application

    - Submit this online form after you have received a confirmed offer from internship agency/ host organization
    - Deadline: 1 week before the internship commences


For more details about the financial support, please view here.


General Enquiries