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Continuing education can be a difficult decision to make. Some graduates would continue their studies in Hong Kong, while others would prefer pursuing a higher degree overseas. From choosing courses to study and countries to live in funding your further studies, a lot of research will need to be conducted at least 9 months before your departure. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of sites from which you will be able to gather some general ideas of how studying abroad will be like in different countries.


For higher degree programmes in local universities, check their respective University Admission websites from time to time to obtain the latest application schedules and methods. For details, please visit EdUHK Job Search Platform - Ed Job Plus. After successful login, go to Dashboard > Latest News > Higher Education Sector in Hong Kong.


Please take a look at various further education overseas websites (click here!) and feel free to contact us at careerservice@eduhk.hk if you have any enquiries.