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The team had provided ample opportunities for me to take different roles to have a hands-on experience in the marketing field, for example, conducting research about competitors in the market, writing up stories about Singapore Red Cross beneficiaries and assisting teams while pitching ideas.
People I met and professional training are the highlights during my internship. The team spirit is always high and they are open to ideas and discussion. Colleagues encouraged me to try and talked about my future plan. I was also able to attend a community-based psychosocial first aid course and I met other people from all walks of life, they are a NUS tutor, a social worker and a counsellor. We talked about our perspectives towards life and career path for a fresh graduate.
I developed the core competencies like “positive personality”, “positive work attitude”, “cooperation and teamwork” and “interpersonal skills” throughout the internship to a great extent. The biggest challenge I faced was to get myself familiar with the Singapore locality map because I have to go to 4 thrift shops to conduct competitor analysis. The other task was to compile two lists of local brands and start-ups in light of looking for some shops to participate in the year-end carnival. For cooperation and teamwork, I took the initiative to talk to other colleagues and to obtain sufficient information. Interpersonal skills are critical, particularly if you are new to the office, you have to wear a big smile all the time and get ready to talk to anyone in the house.