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Dean of Students List (學生事務長嘉許獎)

To recognize students’ achievement in non-formal learning, The Education University
of Hong Kong (EdUHK) established a Whole Person Development Award System from 2017/18 with reference to the number of participation hours recorded in the University’s Experiential Learning and Achievement Transcript (ELAT). The Dean of Students’ List is the highest level of award in the System.


a)  All full-time EdUHK students who have attained a total of 200 hours of
participation recorded in Experiential Learning and Achievement Transcript with at least 30 hours each in all 4 categories (Personal Effectiveness; Global & Cultural Enrichment; Citizenship & Civic Engagement; and Careers & Professional Development).
b)  Students who meet the above criteria shall be invited to apply in Nov.
c)  Candidates should have organizing/ leading performance in whole person
development activities.
d)  Candidates should have attained a satisfactory level of academic performance.

List of Past Recipients