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Every year, large multinational corporations hire management/ graduate trainees and train them intensively to become future company management. These Management Trainee (MT) Programs may last between one and three years. The application is open to all-disciplines, and there are always cases that talented non-business major students are selected. For this purpose, EdUHK’s SAO offers the Advanced Training Series for High-flyers (AT05), in order to prepare students for potential MT / multi-national corporate position job-search.


“I understand more about my strengths and weakness, and I know how to present the ‘best me’ in interviews. For those who are hesitating whether to join AT05 or not, I sincerely encourage you to join! You will receive more than you expect!”  – from AT03 student

“AT was over my expectation! Its advanced training equipped me to be the right person to grasp the offer!” – from AT04 student


How AT05 can help you in your job-search (in a more advanced way)?

In order to make training exceptionally effective, a series of workshops will be conducted:

  1. with intensive practice for a small number of participants
  2. by current and former professionals from corporates, i.e. ex-Management Trainee, HR from Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited, Marketing Professional, and former MT selection panel in large corporate.
  3. some practice may be in REAL CORPORATE SETTINGS (partner’s office) and with students from other universities
  4. Training include:
    • Aptitude Test
    • Personality Test
    • Marketing Knowledge Training
    • Written Test & CV Review
    • Mock individual and group interview
    • Persuasive Presentation skills workshop
    • Assessment Centre Training
    • Individual/Group follow-up


Target Students: final-year students (graduating in 2018/19) who have interest in joining multi-national corporate / MT Programs and advancing themselves


Programme Detail:


Join the briefing session to know more!

Date: 27 September 2018
Time: 14:30 – 15:30
Venue: D2-LP-07
Registration: https://uslinux.ied.edu.hk/enroll/course1.php3?groupid=SAOLD 


Application for the programme