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Certificate Programme in “Professional Mediation Training –

Legal Liability for Educators and Mediation for School Disputes” (Oct 2018)



Name of Professional Organization:

Hong Kong Mediation and Arbitration Centre (HKMAAC)


Training Objective:

To enable students of EdUHK to:-

  1. Strengthen the mediation techniques (from the teachers’ perspective) in handling school conflicts and complaints;
  2. Acquire advanced knowledge and skills in school mediation;
  3. Reinforce their skills in handling the student-to-student and/or parents-to-school complaints effectively;
  4. Maintain positive attitude when handling challenging complaints and demanding situations;
  5. Adopt problem-solving mindset in managing difficult complaints;
  6. Equip with necessary mediation, communication and soft skills so as to perform day-to-day classroom management effectively;
  7. Maximize the chance to resolve conflicts.


Upon completion of this training, participants should be able to demonstrate and apply advanced skills of mediation analysis and reasoning which can enable them to perform their teaching duties and handling various kinds of school disputes/complaints effectively.


Target Participants:   

Students of EdUHK who are interested in mediation at school environment


Training Dates:

9th Oct, 16th Oct, 23rd Oct and 30th Oct 2018 (Every Tuesday)



12 hours (4 sessions with 3 hours each) 19:00 to 22:00


Training Venue:         

B4-G/F-01 Wofoo Whole Person Development Centre



$500 per one


Application Deadline:

24th Sept 2018 (Mon), 12:00 noon (Will cut off once the quota is full)



20 (First paid first served)



The 20 available places for the course will be processed on first-come, first-served basis and we will not accept any application and bank-in slip once all the places are confirmed.

Applicants who are interested to join the Certificate course please follow the below steps:

  1. Fill in application form in SAO counter at B4-G/F-01 to reserve your place

(Only valid for 24 hours)

  1. Transfer $500 application fee to BEA account 195-25-0000-47 and submit the hard copy pay-in-slip (with your name and student ID at the front) to SAO Counter within 24 hours, place will be released immediately to the others without further notice if you cannot submit in time.



A combined use of inter-active lectures, exercises, case studies, practical scenario trainings, role-play sessions, group discussion/sharing.



Upon completion of this programme, participants who have achieved 100% attendance will be granted the “Certificate in Professional Mediation Training – Legal Liability for Educators and Mediation for School Disputes” jointly awarded by HKMAAC and EdUHK.


Proposed content and delivery of the course:         

The content of the training and the tentative delivery plan are proposed as follows:


Session 1

Principles of School Mediation

  • Concepts and features of School Mediation;
  • Theories and nature of student conflicts;
  • Essential qualities and prerequisites of successful School Mediation;
  • How to apply School Mediation effectively in high conflict scenarios (e.g. student-to-student / parent-to-school)?
  • Strategies and handling skills of parents and media


Session 2

Mediation Techniques, Strategies and Skills

  • Training of practical techniques and skills for delivering School Mediation services, in particular for complaints resolutions;
  • Introduction of School Mediation Process;
  • How to build up harmonious school environment? (e.g. Bullying prevention, anti-sexual harassment)


Session 3

Effective Mediation and Communication Skills in Handling Classroom Complaints with Challenging Conversation and Negative Emotions

  • School Mediation and Negotiation techniques, strategies and skills:
  1. How to build up trust and rapport;
  2. S.O.F.T.E.N. skills in mediation;
  3. Active Listening techniques;
  4. Build up Best Alternative to Negotiation (BATNA);
  5. Build Up Worst Alternative to Negotiation (WATNA);
  6. Paraphrasing/Reframing/Reflecting;
  7. Effective Handling of Emotions in High Conflict Cases.
  8. How to Implement Peer-Mediation Program at School


Session 4

Case Studies: Legal Liability for Teachers and Schools

  • Educators’ Professional liability;
  • Teachers’/School’s liability for student injury / illness / corporal punishment / accident in field trips


Demonstration and Mediation Role Play

  • Mediation case studies for school-related disputes;
  • Real Cases sharing (including disputes from Education Bureau, Police Force, schools and other universities in Hong Kong)


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Mr. Albert So

Practising Solicitor, University Lecturer, Accredited Mediator, Accredited Family Mediator, Arbitrator, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist


BEng(Hons); LLB(Hons); PCLL(HKU); PGCert(Cambridge); ExeEd(Harvard); MHKIoD; FHKMAAC; FHKIArb; FRAS;

Fellow of International Bar Association; Honorary Legal Advisor;

Chairman of Hong Kong Mediation and Arbitration Centre



執業律師, 大學講師, 認可調解員, 認可家事調解員,仲裁員, 認可反洗黑錢專家


倫敦大學法律榮譽學士, 法律專業文憑(香港大學), 劍橋大學研究文憑, 哈佛大學研究文憑, 香港董事學會會員, 香港調解仲裁中心資深會員, 香港仲裁司學會資深會員, 英國皇家亞洲協會資深會員, 國際大律師協會資深會員,  土地審裁處認可調解員, 香港律師會調解員, 新家園協會義務法律顧問, 香港調解仲裁中心主席



Student Affairs Office

Mr. Ryan Tsang 2948 6373