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Working in UNICEF has certainly broadened my horizons and was a thought-provoking experience. I gained an in-depth learning about “Rights of the Child”, and its significance around the world. Before the internship, I only know the term “Rights of the Child” without understand what it is. After the internship, I learnt what it is about and the importance of it. It also allowed me to think about how to maintain and defend it, to care more about the world around us, and to have the courage to change it to a better place.

UNICEF is an international organization, during the internship I had many chances to see its work around the world and learnt about its international influence, especially in some of the most deprived and chaotic countries. Moreover, I had a taste of work in a real office environment, I was responsible in the “Theatre in Education(TIE)” programme where I have to plan and design some activities for primary students. The internship has definitely enriched my working competency and improved my competitiveness. The knowledge and skills that gained can help me to cope with different workplace in the future.

Tse Ngai Ching