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Photo of a talk in the Job Search Training Series

Job Search Training Series

In order to secure employment in the competitive job market, students need to be well-prepared. Through talks, workshops and individual consultation, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to craft an effective resume and covering letter, as well as to conduct successful interviews for job opportunities in both the education and non-education sectors.

The goals of the series are as follows:

  • To ensure a smooth transition from the university environment to the workplace
  • To help students to understand the expectations and requirements of employers;
  • To help students to understand the current job market and to formulate appropriate and effective strategies for the process of doing employment

What topics does the series cover?

Last year the Job Search Training Series offered the following talks:

  1. What type of life do you want after graduation?
  2. Crafting an Outstanding CV and Covering Letter
  3. Personality Test & Career Development: Use DiSC® to understand your strengths and discover the career that suits you
  4. Aptitude Tests
  5. Tips on English Usage in Interviews
  6. CVs and Covering Letters: Group Consultation
  7. Mock Individual Interview (Workshop)
  8. Mock Group Interview (Workshop)
  9. Basic Marketing Concepts
  10. Professional Outfits for and Etiquette in Interviews

Registration method

For potential partners

To take part in our recruitment events or other initiatives or to request other services, please email career@eduhk.hk .

For students

Enrol for this year’s Job Search Training Series by completing the online registration form here .

Upcoming talks and workshops

For information on the latest talks and workshops, please visit the  Event Calendar .