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The University accords high importance to student governance and regards participation in student organisations an integral part of university education. This webpage serves as a one-stop portal to provide student organisations with useful information, such as available resources as well as relevant policies and guidelines, to facilitate their smooth operation.

Values and Functions of Student Organisations in EdUHK

  1. Engagement of student organisations, being an essential stakeholder, is a form of good university governance practice.
    學生組織是大學必要的持份者, 其參與能體現大學的優良管治。
  2. Student organisations aim at promoting cohesiveness amongst students and capturing students’ voice on matters relating to their welfare and concerns.
  3. Student organisations are important channel to facilitate students’ communication with both the university management and external parties.
  4. Student organisations are effective platform for the development of students’ self-governance.
  5. Student organisations help nurturing good qualities and desirable attributes of University students.
  6. Student organisations contribute to the promotion of the spirit of democracy, concerns to the community, civic engagement, and drive for social development.
  7. Student organisations contribute to the advancement and reputation building of the University.

Type of Student Organisations in EdUHK and their Major Functions

Students’ Union (SU) 學生會

  1. Act as a bridge between University and student body
  2. Speak for student body both internally and externally
  3. Enhance welfare of student body
  4. Promote understanding of student body on education issues for betterment of society

Students’ Union Affiliated Societies (SUASs) 學生會屬會

  1. Bring together students with similar hobbies or interests
    團結興趣相近的學生; 及
  2. Encourage and engage in activities related to those hobbies and interests the society seeks to promote

Student Residents’ Associations (SRAs) 宿生會

  1. Foster hall culture and identity among hall residents
    培養舍堂文化和學生對宿生身份的認同感; 及
  2. Enhance welfare of hall residents

Departmental Associations (DAs) 系會

  1. Bring together students with similar academic background or studying the same programme(s)
  2. Support or promote involvement in academic or professional activities of the corresponding discipline
    支援或鼓勵會員參與相應學科的學術或專業活動; 及
  3. Enhance welfare of its members

Support Services to Student Organisations (to be updated)

  • SAO support staff for student organisations
  • Important notes for prospective office-bearers of Student Organisations