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This website gives you a handy reference to the various programmes, services and facilities we provide to help you adapt to your university life.

The time that you spend at the University is the best time to enrich and develop yourself to the full. We hope that you will make the most of the many opportunities that our vibrant campus offers by taking up student leadership roles, participating in student activities, attending the numerous personal development workshops and the career planning and development workshops.

To facilitate your adaptation to this new university life, there are various services and programmes in which you can participate:

Stable Campus Life

We believe that peer support is important to your adaptation to this new environment.  You can make new friends in various orientation activities such as New Student Orientation Camp and Hall Orientation Camp.

Hall Life Education is regarded as an integral part of university education. The University offers new first year UGC-funded full-time undergraduate students guaranteed hall residency for 2 semesters, one of which need to be taken up during the first year study.

To strengthen peer support, every full-time undergraduate student will be assigned a senior student to serve as his/her Campus Life Tutor during his/her first year under  the Campus Life Advising System.

It is also important to know more about the University and the resources that can facilitate your study. Don’t forget to attend the briefing on student finance and other mandatory briefings before the semester starts.

Learn to be a leader

The University nurtures educators and social leaders who are intellectually active, socially caring, and globally aware, to become agents of change in the communities that they will serve.

Therefore, leadership training is of crucial importance to everyone.  Explore the extensive opportunities we offer and learn how to be a leader in your campus life, e.g. you can become a leader in student societies/associations.  You can also participate in various training programmes to develop your leadership skills.

Take it easy

We understand that the new environment, learning styles and new expectations may create numerous challenges. Better self-understanding and self-management is the first key to success.  Join our personal growth and development programme or talk to our counsellors about your concerns, whether it is related to study and career or to personal, inter-personal and emotional matters.

In view of the risks associated with university adjustment challenges experienced by students in junior years, Depression Anxiety Stress Scale (DASS) is administered to first-year students and second-year students to identify students with potential risk of mental health so that timely counselling services and emotional support can be offered.

Prepare for career

To help you make an informed career choice, we offeer career education programmes and career tests which help you understand your career interests, map out career plans and develop action plans to realize your goals. This is supported by a wide range of programmes and services to equip students with the necessary career skills and experience to enhance their competitive edge in the teaching and non-teaching job market. Find out more about these progarmmes from our Job Search Skills series, Jobsite (Ed Job Plus), Summer Internship Learning Programmes and publications to increase your employability.

Support for non-local students

Study abroad is such a great opportunity to explore yourself and experience a different culture. There is a wide range of services and activities including orientation, buddy scheme, community and cultural exploration activities, festival gatherings, group activities and personal guidance for you to better understand the Hong Kong community, to adjust to study and campus life, to foster mutual support, as well as to facilitate cultural exchange among all students.  Check them out now!

Please do not hesitate to contact the SAO whenever you need support. We would be more than happy to help!