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Specific Student Work Empowerment Scheme (Specific SEWS) is part of the Univerity’s strategies to develop a better learning experience for students’ Whole Person development  through on-campus working experience for our students.

Project Objectives

  • Enhance on-campus work opportunities for students;
  • Empower student learning through active ownership of experiential learning opportunities; and
  • Encourage students to take initiative and responsibility in order to make a positive contribution to campus and community life.

Brief Description of the Project

Specific SEWS aims to develop student engagement opportunities in high-level project-based activities. The Scheme encourages ownership of learning by students through proactive provision of work opportunities to be initiated either by students themselves or staff.

Traditionally, most of the project-learning opportunities are initiated and led by staff. Specific SEWS provides an environment where students’ effort will impact other people or the area of their interest. This can help students recognise the capacity and abilities they can have, even while they are still students.

By empowering our students, Specific SEWS can engage students and staff further in learning and teaching, provide a more self-directed learning experience and, of course, enhance the Total Learning Experience of our students.

Specific SEWS Projects

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