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The Counselling and Career Services offers a wide range of programmes and services to enhance students’ personal growth and career development.  Counsellors are there to help you resolve personal, interpersonal, emotional, academic and family problems so that students can lead a more effective and fulfilling life. It is our mission to support students in achieving continuous personal development through attending our programmes on different growth topics such as Counselling Training, Life Education, Mental Health, Peer Mentorship, and Self Exploration & Personal Growth.

Sigmund Freud once remarked, “Love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness.”

To help students make informed career choice, career education programmes and career tests are offered for them to understand their career interests, map out career plans and develop action plans to realize their goals. This is supported by a wide range of programmes and services to equip students with the necessary career skills and experience to enhance their competitive edge in the teaching and non-teaching job market. Find out more from our Job Search Skills series, Jobsite (Ed Job Plus), Summer Internship Learning Programmes and publications to increase your employability.