Faculty of Education and Human Development

About PSCL

Programme Introduction

Welcome to this Foundation Course on Curriculum Leadership and Management for new Primary School Curriculum Leaders! It is the programme being conducted by the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the Education University of Hong Kong as Component B of the Training Programmes for Primary School Curriculum Leadership and Management in the 2023/24 School Year for New Primary School Curriculum Leaders. 


This programme will help you in a number of different ways. It will:

• give you access to new knowledge and skills that can help you to be an effective curriculum leader in primary schools;

• encourage you to explore current educational trends and development and put into practice new and innovative ideas on teaching, learning and assessment to enhance your school-based curriculum;

• provide you with opportunities to exchange ideas and information with curriculum leaders in other schools;

• provide you with feedback throughout the programme as you reflect on your learning.


Programme Aims

The Training Programmes on Curriculum Leadership in the 2023/24 School Year for New Primary School Curriculum Leaders (PSCL) aims to develop the professional knowledge and skills of the PSCLs so that they can assist their school heads in curriculum development of the whole school which includes development, implementation, and management of the school curriculum. It helps you to become a practitioner with an understanding of theories and a capacity to reflect on your own circumstances, and to initiate change and make improvement in school curriculum practices in your workplace.


Programme Objectives

Through this Foundation Course on Curriculum Leadership and Management, participants are able to:

• enhance professional knowledge and skills in curriculum planning and design, curriculum change, curriculum leadership and management, including strategic planning and implementation in local school context;

• deepen understanding of theories about student learning and learner diversity;

• deepen understanding of the latest development in student assessment and enhance assessment literacy in their schools;

• deepen understanding of the methodology of action research and its application in curriculum development; and

• become reflective practitioners (e.g. through experiences of reflective practice such as action research, peer lesson observation and school-based self-evaluation).