Featured Group Projects

Reading and Writing Across the Life-Span

Project Team
From The Education University of Hong Kong

Cheung Him (Project Leader) and Lin Dan
From The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Tse Chi Shing
From Washington University in St. Louis, United States
David Balota

About this project:
In this project we examine the factors and processes behind reading and poor reading in different age groups and compare them so as to discover patterns that are unique to each of these groups. The investigation is guided by the Simple View of Reading and related theorisations, including factors such as visual attention, metalinguistic awareness, executive functioning, decoding skills, and oral language. This project is supported by the Faculty of Education and Human Development, EdUHK.


Talk me into it: Theory of mind training study with kindergarten children in Hong Kong

Project Team

Wang Zhenlin (Project Leader), Liu Duo, Wang Jie and Dora Ho

About this project:
Talk me into it: Theory of mind understanding affects children’s social and cognitive functioning. Hong Kong children demonstrate delays in theory of mind development comparing to their counterparts from the West and from mainland China. The good news is that training studies aimed at improving typically developing children’s theory of mind ability have been proven to be effective. In this study, we adopted a semi-randomized controlled trial method to evaluate the effectiveness of a story-telling program on Hong Kong kindergarteners’ theory of mind development, and its carry-over effects on children’s social functioning and cognitive achievement, if any.


Reading Comprehension Among Different Populations and Different Language Groups

Project Team

Susanna Yeung (Project Leader), Cheung Him, Lin Dan, Tong Xiuhong

About this project: 
This project looks into cognitive correlates of reading comprehension in different language and age groups.