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Department of Mathematics and Information Technology


There are two types of mathematics courses: pedagogy studies and subject knowledge studies.

The pedagogy studies courses aim to enable participants to understand their role as mathematics educators; to develop approaches for teaching mathematics; to have a mastery of the school mathematics curriculum in Hong Kong; to plan, conduct, and evaluate lessons based on the theories of mathematics learning; to assess students’ performance for better learning; to make appropriate use of various technological tools for learning and teaching and to keep abreast of current trends and issues in mathematics education.

The subject studies courses aim to provide students with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the subject by exploring the concepts fundamental to the Hong Kong primary or secondary mathematics curriculums, at an intellectual level appropriate to degree teachers. These concepts are developed with an emphasis on pedagogy in the courses Understanding Numbers, Geometry and Measurements, Problem Solving in Mathematics, and History of Mathematics. In addition, the Mathematics Major students will also follow the development of basic concepts into modern branches of mathematics such as Foundation Mathematics, Number Theory, Linear Algebra, Analysis, Discrete Mathematics and Probability, etc. These courses will enable the students to have a secure grounding in the discipline so that they can assume leadership roles in this subject in schools and continue their professional development in the future.

Information Technology

The information technology (IT) courses are broadly categorized into teaching methods and subject knowledge courses. Both types of courses are equally important to student teachers so that they could have a strong contemporary knowledge of IT and they would also know how to apply those knowledge in classrooms. A wide variety of teaching methods such as assessment for learning, case study, hands-on practices and group projects are adopted in order to let students experience a good blend of theory, research and practices in integrating IT in education to adapt to the era of cloud technology and to tackle the challenges of the 21st century. The faculty members are not only very active in research but also committed to community services. Moreover, IT courses are offered from undergraduate to doctoral level. You are welcome to explore more of their profiles and the programmes offered by the Department at different hyperlinks, such as “Programme” and “Research”, in this web site.