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Learning and Teaching @ HKIEd

The Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) will hold an event entitled “Learning and Teaching @ HKIEd from March to May 2013. The event is a platform for staff and students from the Institute to showcase, share and exchange their experiences, views and insights on successful and innovative learning and teaching (L&T).

 Focusing on the three sub-themes of Innovative Teaching, E-Learning and Student Learning, the event activities will kick off with open-class teaching and learning observation sessions throughout March and May. The sessions will include poster and video presentations to disseminate excellent learning and teaching initiatives and research and support strategies profiled by Departments and Faculties, the Graduate School and teaching support units. These activities will be consolidated with keynote presentations, a discussion forum and parallel staff presentations in the Mini Conference of Learning and Teaching @ HKIEd on 25 April 2013

 The event aims to mobilise students and staff in pursuit of learning and teaching excellence across the Institute, and is organised with the collaborative input of Faculties, the Graduate School, the Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology, the Student Affairs Office, the Working Group on Good Practices and Excellence in Teaching and various teaching support units at HKIEd.

 In providing the platform for L&T sharing, the event also aims to facilitate colleagues with common interests and similar minds to initiate communication networks and work together in exploiting new approaches and insights to enhance learning and teaching. Colleagues will team up to form professional learning communities to undertake L&T research projects, and to construct an innovative, collaborative and interactive learning and teaching environment in the Institute.