Registration and Payment Information

Participants must pay registration fee in Hong Kong Dollars by VISA/ MasterCard with the form below:

Personal Details

If you are an author of a paper, please provide the Paper ID

Registration Details

Telegraphic Transfer / 電匯 / 电汇

Beneficiary Bank: The Bank of East Asia, Limited
Beneficiary Bank Address:

The Hong Kong Institute of Education Branch,
Room C-P-12, Podium, Central Facilities Building,

10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, N.T., Hong Kong
Name of Account Holder: The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Account No.: 015-195-25-00002-0
Swift Code: BEASHKHH
General Information on Telegraphic Transfer

IMPORTANT: Please include the following information in the telegraphic transfer for easy identification:

[name of participants], GCCCE2016-03688

Participants have to make sure the Telegraphic Transfer remittance MUST sufficiently cover both the registration fee and bank charge.

Participants are required to confirm their Telegraphic Transfer payment with the information [name of participants], GCCCE2016-03688 either (1) by faxing a copy of the telegraphic transfer receipt (issued by bank) to +852 29487726/ Attn: Prof. KONG Siu Cheung or (2) by emailing the scanned copy of the telegraphic transfer receipt to

Participants MUST complete registration after Telegraphic Transfer payment at



[name of participants], GCCCE2016-03688


參會者於匯款後必須確定匯款繳費 ([name of participants], GCCCE2016-03688)。請將銀行發出的匯款證明 (1) 傳真至 (852) 2948 7726 到 GCCCE 2016大會秘書處 (致:江紹祥教授);(2) 或電郵匯款證明的掃瞄檔




[name of participants], GCCCE2016-03688


参会者于汇款后必须确定汇款缴费 ([name of participants], GCCCE2016-03688)。请将银行发出的汇款证明 (1) 传真至 (852) 2948 7726 到 GCCCE 2016大会秘书处 (致:江绍祥教授);(2) 或电邮汇款证明的扫瞄檔