Building on the success of the first Symposium on Field Experience held in June 2001, the Second Symposium will continue the promotion of excellence in field experience in Hong Kong by taking an active role in the dissemination of best practices developed locally as well as overseas. The theme of the Second Symposium is "Partnership in Field Experience". It aims to nurture productive partnership in field experience among schools, higher education institutions and the government. Specific objectives are:
  • to advance collaboration among different teacher education institutions
  • to share different models of partnership in field experience
  • to promote the concept of partnership and mentorship to schools
  • to bring in interaction between international and local expertise
  • to disseminate the outcomes of practitioners' efforts to promote partnership, mentoring and the quality of field experience

The Symposium will be held on 17 & 18 October 2003 at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. The first day will be devoted to academic discussion of field experience and partnership, their theoretical underpinnings and realisations. The second day will focus on current practices in field experience, for example, pre-and post-lesson conferencing, school-based mentoring, lesson study and partnership schools development. The programme consists of keynote speeches, concurrent papers, workshops, panel discussions and an open forum.

An exhibition of the on-going partnership work between local higher education institutions and schools will be mounted throughout the symposium.