Programme Code: A1E001

Learning/Teaching Chinese is not an easy task especially for non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students/teachers. Let’s listen to their heartfelt voices and feelings.



D(ECE) programme 2023/24


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D(ECE) Programme is a promising response to education provision for ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. It aims to nurture a new generation of teaching assistants who possess the language proficiency, pedagogical knowledge and positive attitudes required to support preschool teachers, education and community service workers in helping non-Chinese speaking (NCS) children build a solid base for learning, and to contribute proactively and meaningfully to social inclusion and early childhood education.


Programme Features:

For students who aim at pursuing Further Study or being a Teaching Assistant
to help NCS children
No tuition fee
Studentship for eligible students


Entrance Requirements

Applicants are eligible to apply through the Direct Application route if they:

  1. have obtained in the HKDSE (a) Level 1 or above in Chinese Language* and English Language; and (b) 6 points or above in the best five subjects; or
  2. possess other equivalent qualifications; or
  3. are mature applicants (aged 21 or above by 1 September 2023) who can demonstrate academic ability and commitment to study in the programme.

*Alternative qualifications in Chinese Language include GCE, GCSE, IGCSE, and HKDSE Applied Learning Chinese.

Having knowledge of one or more ethnic minority languages (e.g. Hindi, Urdu, Nepali) will be an advantage.




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Programme Exploration【Coming Soon*】


 Group Visit (Campus Tour) 

Learn more about the academic
life in EdUHK


 Programme Talk and Q&A 

Learn more about the D(ECE) programme and admission requirements


 On-site Programme Talk 

We also deliver onsite (or online) programme talk to
secondary schools and NGOs.