Compilation of Information on Liberal Studies: Global Ethics and Globalization
Roundtable Synergy Books
Tsang Ka Lok, Wong Pui Fung, Lau Cheuk Fai, Huen Chi Wai

This book includes the interpretation of the concept of Global Ethics by Dr. Stephen Schlensog, the Secretary-General of the Global Ethics Foundation, speeches by scholars, experts and religious representatives who have participated in the planning forum, and front-line teachers’ introduction of this concept to the “Globalization” unit, and compiled information on topics relevant to senior high school or above with topics such as global economy, international affairs, global environment, and population mobility, to provide practical materials for general education and assist teachers and students to think more about these issues from an ethical perspective. At the same time, as part of public education, it introduces the voice in the world advocating the establishment of a common ethical code to people of Hong Kong .

The speeches of experts and scholars are brought together to guide teachers and students to think deeply about the advantages and disadvantages of globalization, and whether it is a blessing or a curse. The compilation of information is of a variety of areas such as economics, international affairs, global environmental issues, population movements and ethnic issues. 

The information includes constant topics, current events, relevant knowledge and analysis, which is very practical. It can be used by teachers to prepare lessons and also by students to develop their global perspective.

Each unit provides value response materials to train students in making judgment and reflection on the ethical values ​​of different issues of globalization. 

The clear classification facilitates both teachers to choose and tailor content according to teaching needs, and students to grasp various views of issues.


Mr. Tsang Ka Lok

Mr. Wong Pui Fung

Mr. Lau Cheuk Fai

Mr. Huen Chi Wai