Education for Environmental Studies (EES)


Increasing economic activities in modern society results in more and more energy and consumption demand, which lead to various environmental problems, such as pollution, global warming, ocean acidification, deforestation, ozone layer depletion, and loss of biodiversity. All the citizens’ environmental awareness and pro-environmental behaviors are an essential component for solving these problems and accomplishing sustainable development of human being and natural world. In order to achieve this goal, the focus of the theme of Education for Environmental Studies is to design curricula to help students to engage into environmental issues so as to cultivate students in their

·      Awareness and sensitivity to the environment and environmental challenges
·      Knowledge and understanding of the environment and environmental challenges
·      Motivation to improve or maintain environmental quality
·      Skills to resolve environmental challenges
·      Participation in activities that lead to the resolution of environmental challenges
The team under this theme also conduct research on developing pedagogical content knowledge of environmental educators and investigating the impacts of environmental education activities on students’ development in cognitive, effective and behavioral domains.