Submission Review and Publications

  • All submissions will be fully reviewed and selected by members of the APSMER board committee.
  • Full papers will be refereed (peer reviewed). Only papers that are distinguished by their academic quality, conform to submission guidelines, and meet all deadlines will be selected for publication in the Conference Proceedings (PDF format).
  • All accepted abstracts will appear in the Conference Abstracts Booklet and USB memory stick, which will be available for all delegates and added to the APSMER website after the Conference.
  • All full registered attendees will receive one copy of the Conference Proceedings (PDF format) which is saved on the USB memory stick as part of their Conference registration fee.

Submission Procedures

  • The online submission system must be used.
  • All submissions and presentations must be in English.
  • To be included in the published program, individuals must be registered on the APSMER website. This includes co-presenters, panelists, speakers on workshops/demonstrations, and so forth.
  • All submissions must follow the instructions provided in the Call for papers on the APSMER website.
  • The amount of time allocated to each type of session is indicated below. Please plan for a submission that will fit the appropriate timeframe.
  • Submissions that are not presented in the required formats will not be considered.


The deadline for abstract submission to the 10th APSMER Conference is 1 February , 2015.

Applicants will be notified of the results of the review process for presentations on or before March , 2015

Applicants will be notified of the results of the review process for publication in the Conference Proceedings on or before April 30, 2015.

Successful applicants must confirm participation as presenters, by registering as a delegate for the APSMER Conference no later than March, 2015 (Early Bird Registration). Should successful applicants not comply with this requirement, their submission may be withdrawn from the programme.

Submission Categories

    1. Spoken Papers
    2. Posters
    3. Demonstrations/Workshops

Spoken Papers

Spoken Papers will be allocated 30 minutes, consisting of no more than 20 minutes for the presentation and a maximum of 5 minutes for questions and discussion (with 5 minutes for the next presenter to prepare his/her presentation and for delegates to move to the next session).
Spoken Paper submissions must conform to one of two formats: either a Long Abstract only or a Full Paper with Short Abstract.

Long Abstracts will appear in the Conference Abstracts booklet for all presenters who have submitted them correctly on the APSMER website (i.e., both those who submitted a Full Paper with Long Abstract, and those who only submitted a Long Abstract).

1A. Long abstract

Abstracts must be in English with the text between 300 and 400 words in length (excluding title and author information). The Abstract should not include references.

The Abstract should include the following 5 items:

  1. theoretical/pedagogical background of the paper
  2. aim/focus of the work/research reported
  3. method/approach of the work
  4. results and/or summary of the main ideas
  5. conclusions and implications for music education.

1B. Full paper

Complete Paper submissions with no more than 3000 words in length are required only for presenters who wish to have a fully refereed paper considered for publication in the Conference Proceedings. No more than a total of two (2) tables and/or figures may be included. These Papers must include a short Abstract in no more than 250 words which can be used in the Conference Abstract booklet for delegates.

Presenters should note that Full Paper submissions will be refereed according to a two-stage process:

  1. Long Abstracts will be refereed for inclusion as a presentation in the Conference Program.
  2. Full Papers will be refereed for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings. It is possible, therefore, that some Full Paper submissions will be accepted for presentation but will not appear in the Conference Proceedings. Authors should expect to be notified separately of presentation and Full Paper publication decisions.

2. Poster

Long Abstracts for Poster submissions must follow the same rules given for Spoken Papers, above. Authors of accepted Posters are invited to bring with them a Poster to display during the Conference. Poster specifications (size, format, etc.) will be provided upon acceptance. Titles of Abstracts for the Poster Session will appear in the Conference program and the Abstracts will appear in the Conference Abstract booklet. Posters will be grouped into sessions that have designated timeslots (normally 90 minutes) assigned to them.

3. Demostrations/Workshop

A Workshop submission consists of an abstract between 300 and 400 words in length. The abstract should clearly provide background information, the purpose of the workshop, content, method, and applications for music education.

Titles of accepted Workshops will appear in the Conference Program and abstracts will appear in the Conference Abstract book. Sessions will have designated time-slots (normally a total of 60 minutes, consisting of no more than 45 minutes for the Workshop and 10 minutes for the discussion/questions, with 5 minutes between sessions).

Demonstration groups of pupils can only be used if all arrangements are organized by the presenter, because the organizing committee cannot provide for this. For demonstrations of software or other equipment authors will be responsible for ensuring that the necessary equipment is available. Submissions must therefore include a full description of the equipment and facilities needed.

Multiple Submissions Policy

No individual will be permitted to present in more than a total of TWO Paper, Poster, or Workshop/Demonstration sessions, and depending on the number of submissions, the Conference Organizers reserves the right to further limit the number of presentations accepted for any individuals.

Copyright (Full Paper Submissions only)

At the time of a Full Paper submission, presenters must indicate agreement with the following copyright conditions:

Copyright Agreement:

I hereby assign to the Asia Pacific Symposium for Music Education Research (APSMER), copyright of the Full Paper I am now submitting for use by the Organizing Committee in all formats and through any medium of communication if it is accepted for Publication in the refereed Conference Proceedings.

  • I understand that the Full Paper I am submitting will be refereed for possible inclusion in the Conference Proceedings and that it may also appear on the APSMER web site.
  • I confirm that the Full Paper is original and has not been published previously nor is currently under consideration elsewhere, that I have obtained all necessary permissions for the reproduction of content not owned by me (e.g., illustrations, photographs, charts, and other visual material, etc.) not owned by me, and that the Contribution contains no unlawful statements and does not infringe any rights of others.
  • I understand that I will retain copyright of the original submission for purposes of duplicating the article, placing it on my personal and institutional websites, etc., but will give APSMER the first and exclusive rights to publish the APSMER-formatted and edited version in print or online in APSMER Conference Proceedings and/or journals.
  • I understand that if my Full Paper is not selected for publication in the Conference Proceedings, then upon such notification the copyright will revert back me (the author).

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